How to post on s4c

Writing on stem4's community page

Welcome to the stem4 community. This page is for contributions by young people who want to benefit others by sharing their experience. stem4 would like to thank those who have written in. This is not only an invaluable help to others but helps challenge stigma.

Guidelines for blog writers

  • Please keep in mind that your post is meant to be helpful for others. Think about the kinds of things you would/ wouldn’t like to read.
  • If there is anything we feel isn’t appropriate we will be in contact via email with suggestions on how to edit it.

What not to say

  • Aim for something between 100 to 700 words. However there is no strict word limit!
  • Let us know whether you would like your name, age and school included or whether you would prefer to remain anonymous.

What happens once I submit my post?

  • Once you've written your blog, we will get back to you before it is published on the stem4 community page. stem4 reserve the right to managing all information that goes on the community page.
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