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Welcome to stem4 community page where we hope that young people would like to share their experiences to benefit others. We are really grateful to the people who have provided advice to date and broken the stigma that surrounds mental ill health.


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Posted on: May 3rd, 2017


The bad days are just that. Bad days. They pass, move onto the next person, because that’s what it does. It circulates around us like a black mist. You’re not alone and trust me, I’m no expert- I’m 15 and my life hasn’t even begun. I’ve learnt so many things I’m not sure what it […]

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Posted on: April 21st, 2017

Calm Harm app

I have really enjoyed your app Calm Harm and I frequently refer my students to it. They have been able to ‘ride the wave’ more easily with the support of your app. Thank you for this! I’m particularly interested in the DBT features of your app such as the distress tolerance skills the app utilizes. I […]

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