Local Charities Day 2017 - Connect4 stem4

Friday 15th December 2017 is the government’s Local Charities Day, highlighting the work of small charities that are making remarkable differences in their communities. To mark this stem4 is launching ‘Connect4 stem4’ when schools and organisations will be urged to connect for 4 minutes, 14 minutes or 40 minutes doing an activity of their choice.

Personal connection is seen in psychological literature as a basic human need since it helps us feel supported, recognised, valued and loved. People who have good relationships are happier, healthier, more efficient and live longer than people who report being lonely.

Connections don’t only have to involve heart to heart talks, they can involve a smile, going for a walk, having a cup of tea together or sharing in a work project or recreational activity. As our digital connectivity with each other increases it is easy for virtual connections to replace face-to-face ones, especially when speed becomes a priority. This greatly reduces the impact of human interaction in terms of its contribution to positive mental health.

To take part, all you need to do is to distribute our Connect4 stem4 flyers within your school or organisation (links below), and ask people to commit to connecting with someone on this day. We have suggested some activities, but you are free to select your own!

We would love you help raise awareness of the importance of connections as a key contribution to good mental health by sharing your connections with us @stem4org on social media using the hashtags #connect4stem4 and #LocalCharitiesDay.

If you require any further information on this initiative, please get in touch with us at

Connect4 stem4 – Schools flyer

Connect4 stem4 – Businesses flyer

Connect4 stem4 – Covering letter

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