Previous Events

Charity Quiz Night in Aid of stem4

  • On 15th June Reed presented a charity quiz night in aid of stem4 and Ethiopiaid at The Terrace in Wimbledon. It was a fun packed evening of trivia, tipple and top prizes. Thank you to Reed for organising this event and to everyone who attended and helped raise money for the charities.

‘Manual Work’ Raises Money For stem4!

  • At the end of 2016 Charles Hampden-Smith organised a fund raising party for stem4 which included an auction item of 4 hours 43 mins of Charles’ time for doing some domestic manual work.  Simon Bodle very generously bid £250 for the item but instead of getting Charles to do some painting or grass cutting, etc, he insisted that the ‘work’ should comprise going for a bike ride and drinking some of Simon’s excellent home brew beer afterwards!  So a date was set for Sunday 21st June and a 50 mile route out to Windsor and back was planned, with coffee and cake at the turning point.  Simon and Charles were joined by a few other friends for the ride and a great time was had by all, raising a further £156.25 for stem4 on the day.  Rumours that the team all staggered home afterwards are unconfirmed!

237-mile Bike Ride For Charity

  • Directors of  Yorkshire-based company Heald Ltd completed a gruelling 237-mile bike ride from Kent to Paris in aid of stem4 and Cancer Research UK at the end of May. Rod and Debbie Heald undertook the challenge in temperatures of over 30 degrees, cycling an average of 55 miles a day, and having to deal with a number of challenges including flat tyres and a broken spoke and wheel.


  • Finishing the journey at Notre Dame, Managing Director Debbie Heald commented “It felt like a great achievement to not only finish the bike ride, but to have raised a great amount for two fantastic charities that have played a large part in supporting those close to us and making a difference to many others across the UK”.


  • stem4 would like to thank Rod, Debbie and the team for their amazing achievement – if you would like to top up the fundraising efforts, then please follow this link.

Calm Harm at the Design Museum

  • The stem4 Calm Harm app was a finalist in this year’s AXA PPP Health Tech & You awards. Founded by AXA PPP healthcare, Design Museum and 2020health, the exhibition and awards showcased design in the emerging field of digital healthcare and sought to understand how technology can give you more control of your health and wellbeing.
  • Calm Harm was featured in a pop-up exhibition at the Design Museum from 27th April – 8th May 2017.

stem4 Parent Conference on Teenage Mental Health at Wimbledon College

  • stem4 held their first parent conference on teenage mental health on Monday 20th March in conjunction with Wimbledon College and had an amazing turnout of over 130 parents. The conference was targeted at parents who have children in secondary school and wanted to know more about mental health trends both developmental as well as common mental ill health problems in children and young people.
  • Dr Nihara Krause gave the audience some background on teenage mental health, talking about the pressures that young people face, signs that could indicate there is a problem, and what families can do to maintain good mental health. We then heard from stem4 ambassadors Iain and Michael Maitland who used a question and answer format to describe Michael’s illness and the ups and downs of getting him help; Rosie Day who spoke about the effect of mental health illness on siblings and the whole family; and Miriam George who described parenting a child with a mental health illness.
  • Along the way Dr Krause presented tips on what parents can do, discussed where and how to get help, and how to build resilient families. There was plenty of opportunity for parents to ask questions and interact with our speakers. We really hope that the conference helped parents develop their awareness of mental health, understand how mental health affects learning, and identify strategies which could help everyone manage their child’s well-being.
  • Thank you to Wimbledon College, in particular Paul Fitcher, for allowing us to host this event, and to all our speakers for bravely sharing their experiences.

Zumbathon 2017

  • On Saturday 4th March, Ivette Landino organised an exhilarating three-hour Zumba class with a group of amazing instructors to raise funds for three charities: stem4, Chance To Play and CHAMOS. Over 50 people took part in the energetic Zumbathon and were treated with champagne and canapes afterwards to reward their hard work! There was a raffle with fantastic prizes and an iPad Mini was presented to the highest fundraiser! This event was privately sponsored by TJ Lim, a very generous individual who not only loves Zumba but also likes to give to charities. Thank you to Ivette, TJ Lim, and to everyone who donated and took part.

Student Conference at Wimbledon College

  • At the beginning of February stem4 held a student conference on teenage mental health in association with Wimbledon College as part of their ‘Changing Minds’ initiative focussing on developing awareness of mental health. stem4 student conferences are about bringing together a range of young people to provide an opportunity to express, in their own words, a message to their peers about the importance of looking after their mental health and to understand what early steps they can take to stop the growth of mental illness right from the start. Year 10 representatives attended from six local schools for the half-day conference.
  • After an icebreaker activity to get to know everyone, Dr Nihara Krause spoke on why good mental health is important, describing aspects of wellbeing we should focus on and giving a background to common mental health problems.  Students then heard the personal experiences of some of stem4’s ambassadors: Iain and Michael Maitland, Rosie Day and Naomi Cavaday, and had plenty of opportunity to ask them questions.
  • The conferences are designed to be interactive, and students worked in groups to create statements about the importance of communication, early identification and early action for change. The prize-winning statement was: ‘Early identification, Is your medication, Hear not listen, That’s your mission, If you talk to a friend, It’ll help your mind mend’. Students also discussed what they thought an essential school ‘mental health toolkit’ might look like – they had some fantastic ideas including having a school counsellor, a confidential email service, and even a school pet tortoise!
  • Dr Krause summarised the event by asking students to take the key message about the importance of looking after mental health back to each of their schools and to deliver it in the form of an assembly.
  • If your school would be interested in hosting a student conference on teenage mental health then please contact

Hidden Harms Conference

  • stem4 was part of the national ‘Hidden Harms’ conference at the University of Suffolk, which brought together more than 140 delegates, including the UK’s leading experts and mental health charities. The focus was on how mental health issues affect young people and what support should be provided. stem4’s CEO and founder, Dr Nihara Krause delivered workshops on anxiety, depression and resilience. The conference gave professionals involved in social work, education, health and police sectors an improved understanding of how to respond appropriately and effectively to the needs of young people. Click here to read more about the conference.

Santa Parkrun on Wimbledon Common

  • stem4 was delighted to be the nominated charity at the annual 5K ‘Santa Parkrun’ on Wimbledon Common on Saturday 17th December. There were 426 runners in a variety of Christmas costumes – several Santas, reindeer and even a complete Christmas tree! Steve Hammond the local MP was there to wish the runners a Happy Christmas and to introduce stem4 as one of the local charities the run was supporting. Given the positive benefits of exercise on enhancing mental wellbeing, stem4 is particularly pleased to be nominated by Parkrun Wimbledon.

Fundraising Party

  • On 12th November in Wimbledon, Charles Hampden-Smith organised an invitation-only fundraising party with all proceeds going towards developing stem4’s next app. Thank you to all of the sponsors, supporters and donors who contributed to the night which was a resounding success, raising over £8,000! This was in addition to the £2,450 that Charles raised via a golf voucher auction earlier in the summer.