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  • On Friday September 26th Jaqueline Patel organised a Swimathon at Kings College School Swimming pool in Wimbledon in aid of STEM4. We were delighted to hear that 51 swimmers (young and old) took part. Jaqueline organised the entire event,arranging for individual cups and medals to go to the winners and mobilising helpers to present and monitor the swims. This was an enormous undertaking and we are enormously grateful to Jaqueline for all the time and effort that went into this.It was clearly hugely enjoyed by all who attended and over £550 was raised in sponsorship for Stem4.
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  • On Friday August 22nd Ellen Wallingford, an American college student and a group of Iowa teenagers hosted a benefit concert and silent auction in a local performance space and coffee shop to raise awareness about mental health issues and promote positive self esteem.All poems and songs were performed by teenagers, and many of them were original pieces. All of the art and crafts in the silent auction were also original pieces from local artists, many of them teenagers as well. In addition to the performances and art pieces, the event provided information on mental illness, a tribute to famous people with mental illness, and a station describing healthy coping mechanisms for living well . The event was a huge success and raised  $440 for STEM4.We were honoured that Ellen took the time to consider helping STEM4 all the way from Iowa, USA and would like to send MANY MANY THANKS to Ellen, her family and friends for making this possible.
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  • On July 25th Ellie Mumby and her friends spent a part of their summer holiday planning a campout to raise money for STEM4.This was a challenge as it was difficult to arrange for everyone to be available at the same time. In spite of encountering a few problems,through trust and good teamwork they completed their task. Ellie and her friends raised £170 for STEM4 . We are so grateful to Ellie and her friends for taking up this challenge.
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  • Just over a year ago,Elena Bunbury lost her friend and next door neighbour, Lydia Berry to mental health illness. As she was an amazing musician Elena helped by her friend Charlie Smith ( Kriptons frontman) decided to organise a music festival in her honour. This took place on the 9th of August and was headlined by the Kriptons . The event was given the title BERRY AID to remember Lydia and to raise money for STEM4. All the bands gave their time to play for free and the venue was also offered for free . The photographer Alejandro Rodriguez  took some wonderful photographs of the event which was a tremendous success and raised £350. STEM4 is enormously grateful to Elena and Charlie for all their effort and hard work.
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  • Six Intrepid 15 year olds from Tollbar Academy led by Ellie Mumby are giving up some of their precious summer holiday to raise funds for STEM4. Ellie, Imogen, Eleanor, Kara,Jessica and Kaisha are camping out from July 25th to July 29th without electricity, make up or all the usual teenage comforts, encouraging sponsorship from friends, family and the general public for their camp out challenges and cake sales. Please support Ellie and her friends in this wonderful fundraising event.
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HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Kate Barton on completing her SKYDIVE

  • The weather foiled her first attempt but on May 14th bright sunshine enabled Kate to complete her challenge. She is still fundraising for STEM4 and to date has raised £910. Thank you, Kate, for your bravery and determination.
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  • As part of their follow-up to the Student Conference held at Hollyfield School in February, Year 10 students at Holy Cross School, New Malden, presented two assemblies to Years 7-10 which highlighted the importance of young people looking after their mental health. The students had prepared the assembly content with help from Claire Mulrehan, Young People’s Health Link worker from Kingston NHS. Their presentation drew attention to the importance which friends have in encouraging others to seek help early; they also featured Dr Krause’s ‘Toothbrush Thought’, as a tool to build self-esteem.
  • Patsy Preece, Education Co-ordinator for STEM4, attended the assemblies and gave thanks at the end of each one for excellent clarity in delivery, coupled with sound advice from the year 10 students, who had clearly learned a great deal from the Conference.
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