• It is thanks to our generous supporters and fundraisers that stem4 has been able to deliver school workshops to over 10,000 students, 5,000 teachers and 6,000 parents. It is also thanks to them that we have hosted two highly successful conferences with two more scheduled in the very near future. Through their fundraising efforts we are pleased to have been able to reach many hundreds more through our website which offers information and guidance about addiction, depression and anxiety, eating disorders and self-harm.
  • However, to continue and develop this work we need to raise funds to train more professionals to deliver workshops and host conferences so that we can increase the number of young people to whom we speak directly and help understand the importance of looking after their mental health. We also need to maintain and develop our website and we are currently developing an app designed to offer practical help to those who self-harm.
  • Although stem4 is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, who give their time freely, there are unavoidable costs associated with administration, printing, etc.
  • It all costs money, and that is why we need, and appreciate, your support.
  • Thank you.

Sponsorship / Events

  • We are planning a number of fundraising events, and more information will appear here shortly. If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at