Corporate Sponsors

  • Diespeker Ltd
    Diespeker Ltd is our main corporate sponsor supporting us in our business endeavours and the biggest contributor to the charity. Their contribution this year will enable us to produce our educational video programme amongst other developments.

  • Schmidt Kitchens Wimbledon
    Schmidt Kitchens Wimbledon have supported stem4 for the past three years with three big fundraising events – the Schmidt Kitchen Wimbledon Ball. Their generous contribution has enabled us to develop our smart phone app calm harm and our education programme.

  • Holy Trinity Church
    We are indebted to the Holy Trinity Church for our successful application over a three year period for funds from the Marion Ealing Legacy. This contribution has supported the development of calm harm our smart phone app.

  • WSM
    Huge thanks to WSM who nominated as their charity of the year 2014 and who have generously provided us with office space when needed.

  • Admiral Trust
    Thank you to the Admiral Trust who have donated monies for our education service.

  • M&S Collier’s Wood
    M&S Collier’s Wood supported us throughout 2015 and have nominated us their charity of the year 2016 as well.

  • Day Lewis Pharmacy
    The Day Lewis Pharmacy in Wimbledon supported us with a fundraising day and matched funding.

  • Lloyd’s Bank Raynes Park
    Lloyd’s Bank Raynes Park contributed to the printed material we use in our education work.

  • Unicredit Bank
    We are enormously grateful to Unicredit Bank who, through TJ Lim supported a Zumbathon run by Ivette Landino. The money raised enabled us to provide a school nurse conference and training packs.

  • Barclays and Wimbledon Scooter Alliance
    Barclays and the Wimbledon Scooter Alliance have supported stem4 in two major fundraising events in 2015.

  • London Catalyst and Hospital Saturday’s Fund
    We are very grateful for the monies given for administration by London Catalyst and the Hospital Saturday’s Fund which enables us to deliver conferences to medical professionals.