Why change?

Problems and Dangers

The dangers associated with an eating disorder cannot be stressed enough. Eating disorders carry the highest death rate of all psychiatric conditions and can have long-term physical and mental impact.

4 Danger Areas

  • 1. Physical
    • Starvation effects include negative effects include excessive hair growth, poor skin, fainting, poor circulation and many more.
    • Vomiting and laxatives: affect the water and salt balance in our bodies which can have many negative effects such as damage to our heart, kidneys, stomach and brain.
  • 2. Behaviours
    • Over exercise destroys muscles, this includes the heart muscle and can also lead to low sugar levels.
  • 3. Psychological
    • In addition to physical damage, an eating disorder impacts on your psychological wellbeing. It can affect your concentration and memory. It can often also lead to anxious, obsessive and depressive feelings.
  • 4. Social
    • Eating Disorders also have a huge effect on social skills and social life. They can lead people to isolate themselves and feel lonely, which bit by bit can lead to the sufferer distancing themselves from friends, partners and family.