Why stem4?

Why stem4?

Dr Nihara Krause founded stem4 based on the knowledge that early identification and intervention made a real difference in stemming what has recently been reported to be escalating teenage mental health conditions in their often serious and long-lasting course.

In 2010 a 15 year old teenager, who lived in Merton, died after battling with anorexia nervosa. Dr Krause was involved in supporting her school, family and friends in grieving for her loss, and saw this as the impetus to set up a charitable organisation that would provide accurate, user-friendly psycho-education to young people, their families and carers and schools.

stem4 was formed in June 2011 with a group of six volunteers who owned a range of skills and who all shared in their commitment to making a difference.

  • STEM

    can have a range of meanings, all in some way descriptive of the aims of the charity.

    • To stop the development of something undesirable
      1 in 10 young people will present with a mental health issue that affects their development
    • To make headway against the tide or current
      Research indicates that early intervention provides effective and long lasting change
    • The stalk that supports
      By supporting teenage mental health we enable them to reach their full potential. 40% of teenage mental health issues if untreated continue into adulthood.
  • 4

    represents the four areas of mental health we cover: Anxiety and Depression; Eating Disorders; Self-Harm and Addiction. It also represents the four groups we target: teenagers; their friends; their families and carers; their schools.

  • Dr Nihara Krause

    MSc PsychD C.Psychol C.Sci AFBPsS

    • Dr Nihara Krause is an award winning Consultant Clinical Psychologist, with over 25 years clinical experience. Having worked as an NHS Consultant, she now runs her own private practice and is also a University lecturer.
    • Dr Krause has developed the MINDYOUR5 wellbeing programme adopted in a number of schools and the MERIT programme of excellence.
    • In 2015 David Cameron presented her with the Point of Light Award for her work and in 2014 she received the Mayor of London’s Award for her commitment to the community. Dr Krause is regularly quoted in the media as an expert in teenage mental health and has appeared on SKY news, the BBC, Channel 4 News and ITV.